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Started posting maps in dec 08 about 6 months after I started playing N.

I completed the game all 100 episodes hooray

Am a big fan of experimental maps and concepty stuff so they may feature heavily in my own work. I try to do something diffrent with each map no point in churning out the same old stuff so I hope you enjoy and please comment I want to be better.

All my maps are rated regardless of what it says above.

My first 10 or so maps were pretty nooby but since then I've been spending a lot of time on my maps and they've got much better I haven't had a map below 4 since map number 7.

I don't really like races or simple challenges and I rarely like small maps.

I'm not much of a high-scorer or speed-runner because I prefer playing or getting agd's on maps where beating it is the challenge not how fast you can do so. I generally lose interest once I've beaten the map.

I love playing clever puzzles, survivals and great big epic maps which I can really get my teeth into.

I know evil_blt [] from the real world he used to my school

There is overwhelming scientific evidence that I'm a cool person and that I have superpowers.

Fave maps []

- Showcase (My best maps throughout my career imo)

Cold Water Music []
Road Blocks []
Pathological 2 - Moondog Accelerator []
Knittwear []
Translational invariance []
Naughts and Crosses []
Blocky Curve 4 - Two Face []
Blocky Curve 3 - Thwump Spiral []
The Island []
Magic Roundabout 2 []

- My 7 Point map making manifesto (still in writing)

1) Play-test them endlessly there is no substitute for it every major edit you make to the map you should play through to see if it works this will tell you if you've got the right enemies and your tiles and flowy and the map is nice to play.
2) Innovate the reason my maps are relatively popular is that I try to do something people haven't seen before and that keeps them interested.
3) Aesthetics people click on a map not based of how well it plays but how good it looks how eye catching it is. The better it looks the more people click on you maps the more feedback you will get so the better you will get also good looking maps just are more fun to play its a fact no getting round it.
4) Don't spam many people do chains of launch-pads and blocks of gold and mines its horrible to look at, terrible to play and takes ages to load. You should rarely have loads (more than 6) of the same object in the same place.
5) Time. Spend a lot of time on your maps numa would benefit as a whole if more people spend more time making fewer maps because they would be better get more feedback and everyones time would be better spent.
6) Map guides some of the mapmaking gurus like Blue_Tetris and atob have distilled their many years of knowledge here
read them and it will help
7) Practice makes perfect if you don't belive me see my first map ( I sucked now I like to think I'm ok :)

- Collabs and tile-sets

Collab between me and Da_guru Welcome To Smog City []
Collab between me and Viil Time Traveler []
I gave Wu-Tang [] to 01123 and he made Shaolin []
Krashio gave me this [] and I made Q2 [] out of it

- Deds to me and other things which cool people made for me.

Just Tiles Eh? []
Life Is A Delicate Flower []
Somewhat Chaotic []
The Plough []
Who's Laughing? []
Bjorn The Blacksmith []
Gim'me A Chume14 ... On The Rocks []
Virgin Trains []
Account At A Glance []
Phyrxciated [] style

- Some Notable map makers this is mainly to save me time when I can't be bothered to type out their name but their worth browsing more will be added over time

Fimision []
Formica []
Karmap0lice []
Keninja []
_Destiny^- []
astheoceansblue []
ChrisE []
maxson924 []
Krashio []
Natures Peril
cheesemonger []
Kool-aid []
-LordOfPeanuts- []
Lucidium []

- Other stuff

I have never used the abbreviated version of the term laugh out loud ever.
If a mountains big enough I can make it into a mole
Yo Yo Yo ......... Yo Yo ............... Yo?
If you have read this far post the following number 001428570196 on one of my maps and you will receive a complimentary coupon for a half price hair cut via the post
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