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Author the_stuff
Tags author:the_stuff test unrated
Created 2006-06-01
Last Modified 2006-06-02
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Description after all the fuss about the first version, i improved it. it's still a TEST. i don't care that you think it's bad. i'm just trying some stuff out.

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an explanation

so i was actually just trying to make a level that tricked you, but it was actually just really easy. the door that kills you right before you hit the exit was supposed to kill you without letting you finish the level, but obviously that didn't work out. so you're right, it is a pretty bad map, but i was just trying out some things. i'm new to the map-making, so i'm still trying to test out things that make a good map. any suggestions?

Pretty easy.

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Easy...Sorry. 1/5

and AGD

it might not look at it, but watch it in edit mode. You will see that for one frame, the level was completed, and then N died. You might want to fix that.
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it is?

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