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Author 1211
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Created 2019-03-25
Last Modified 2019-03-25
by 15 people.
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Description hi. it's been a while.

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Great map,

challenging, but not excruciatingly so. Also the turrets are very effective. It feels great to agd.


WB (ish). You still got it! Myself, I'm currently in the stage, all grown up, of realizing how great this game always was. Let's collab some time, if you're up for it! Shout at me on one of my maps
I am doing okay. Job started few months so that's nice.
It's good that you are back to speedrunning. Made me realize I have cracks knuckles unfinished business with some episodes I submitted few years back.
Some nice runs you got. Will have to watch out for your upcoming conquests.

hello :)

good to see you again


How can I open Ned in N v2.0? Silly question, I know...

Hope to see you on more NReality levels top 20s. :D


This is a neat map. I wish I had the technical skill like Mohit and jasdanu to enjoy it, but alas...


Mohit had the same idea I did for that top half. Good stuff.

I'll try it later on

I agree

"Gauss placement is perfect" absolutely spot-on.

sorry jassi.
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Hey buddy.

Good to see you back. Hope you are doing good. Busy with job these days?
As far as the map is concerned, I like it. Slightly rough for a speedruns, but I like it.
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Here a sub-1500 AGD

I can still clean this run up. I might have found a different way to execute the top portion of the map. Gonna test it out later today
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Managed to get a good drop from the top of the map. Run on NReality as well.
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Nice demo!

I didn't expect that jump out of the bottom left section to the upper area but hey, it's another route to get up there. Thanks for the comments, everybody!


I missed a few jumps I had pre-planned while playtesting it before making an official run.

Agreed with RD. Gauss placement is perfect
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trance is that you????

Hey there!

Perfect gauss placement. Interesting jumps. Beautiful tiles.

First try AGD
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Very good

Welcome back friendo


Nifty map! I like the flow. Good to see you around.
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well hello

i enjoyed this extra because i could agd it, and that's a rare thing.
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