Industrial Snow

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Author 1211
Tags action author:1211 minejumper pliable rated
Created 2016-04-03
Last Modified 2016-04-03
by 6 people.
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Can you start a puzzly map?

nothin much, yo

sorry we never finished our collab and i sorta disappeared for 5 months. I'll be working on it


Merry Christmas!

Yeah, it has. If you've still got my number, feel free to text me. I don't go on irc or skype as often anymore, I'm mostly on Discord instead.

heres a start

Sounds sweet!

Did you want to start with the tiles? or did you want me to begin?


There a few levels in the pack that still need some polish.

Hey dooood!!

I recently started working on my now 2 year old mappack project Mirage and remembered that I was doing a collab episode in it. I was just wondering if you wanted to be part of it.

Here's the mappack so far []. Check it out if you're interested!


Make NUMA great again.


No worries 1211. I wouldn't mind a collab. Whatever happened to Insatiable?


Wow, didn't expected a reply that fast.
Yeah your scores are really impressive.
I dont think I will come back to mapping, because it would take a while to get used of the editor again. And I dont have the time, since I am going to university now and playing alot of Blade&Soul and osu!.


How its going? ;)
I am actually quite active again, but not for mapping. Just made over 200 speedrun highscore in the last month and one *0th :)

very cool look

kinda agree with aids but i like a lot of the movement
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Fun in a mindfield

I love maps with fitting titles
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...and I am still mentioned in your profile. xD
Or, is it the other way?
Oh heck it.
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I love the look of this. The gameplay is dull though.
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I like unobvious short cuts in maps but sometimes they can just seem like map mistakes instead- there is one here. Really nice map.


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