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Author lifdoff
Tags action author:lifdoff chainguns drones gauss long-ish unrated
Created 2016-02-27
Last Modified 2016-02-27
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Thanks for answer. I'll give it a go and ask them after making one new object less buggy. I don't expect a positive answer but at least I've got to try =)

I mean I've hacked n_v1.4 with a decompiler and Flash Builder to start my own mod. It's an SWF mod and that's why I'm asking permission to share maps for the mod here.
You're an admin, so you're the first one to be asked from. =)
I've been starting modding (hacking) N for fun and I wonder if I'm allowed to share the maps here.
Now it only has working teleport objects and I can't promise much more at least yet. (Still interested in trying if I have patience and time)

It works like this:
13^x,y, dest_x, dest_y, width, height, relative position?, relative speed?, relative angle

Oh and as always

Love the tiles and the look

Really cool map.

The drones keep you on your toes. Snipers are tough, but not too much so. Really enjoyed playing it. 5/5

Nah, all good.

I'm always glad when I get feedback, even if it's negative.

I'll probably use that start between the mines less in the future, I've used it quite a bit recently. Gotta stay unpredictable, after all. :P
There are 2 things on this card I hate terribly. the first would be the start, I have a very unsteady hand, I always hold my finger on the arrow keys, I press often accidentally on the key got and lose equal the run.
Second, the floorchaser on the lower side. The just makes me mad, I can hardly get away from him.
The rest of the map is ok. Sorry, the negative review had first come to it. :) 3/5



Decent AGD.

I'm sure some of those drone cycles can be beaten, but not by me, today.
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