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Author greenblack
Tags author:greenblack final goodbye hope last unrated
Created 2009-04-28
Last Modified 2009-04-28
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Description im leaving.
there, i said it.
its final this time.

this account will have no more maps.

but i will come back.
you will probably recognize me, so i will see you.

i feel that i have ruined this account by being a total jerk and making horrible, 5 minute maps.
i know i had 1-2 good ones, but the rest are undiscovered junk.

therefore, i am hoping that this map makes up some of the damage.

there i said it, now its final.


_this is dedicated to everyone here who has helped me_

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Damage worse, man.

Unattractive and not very good gameplay. Sorry.

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Maybe I am...
*is mysterious*

No offense,

but you sounded like my mom right there.


I mean that you I know you can be nice. And you should emphasize that side of you, With the new you :D


that also means ill either try to get my name changed in therealn or just ditch the other account.

PNI, you avvie

freaks me out.

random: i was still a total jerk at times.

Bye bye then




Some text so this comment isn't total spam:
I interacted with you several times and I think you're pretty nice...
Just make sure to follow guidelines more. Like, grammar, forum rules. And give more thought to what you submit. Be it comments on the forums or maps on NUMA...
And listen to what people say :)

I am


There, I used a period and capitalized I.


When you come back make sure to use capitals at the beginning of sentences ;)

I'll comment on the map tomorrow.


i loved u. :(


good map

it's all right...

all right...

demo. my fastest.
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