Wolfenstein ET

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Author jeffery
Tags author:jeffery game jeffery rce tileset unrated wolfenstein
Created 2009-04-24
Last Modified 2009-04-24
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Map Data

Description There is another game which I play called Wolfenstein ET. It's set in WWII and the aim is to do missions. It's pretty much a more realistic version of Halo.

Please comment on what you think of this level, whether good/bad. I think it could of been better, but oh well- I tried for long hours to make it the same thickness and failed.

So yea- RCE!

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one with colour
if you want to use the level in whatever way, leave a message- or else!

Speaking of which,

I think I might start playing Wolfenstein again if I can find a good server.

i don't know

i think it is a bit off

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is too different from Halo to really be compared to it, in my opinion. The only major similarity is that they are both awesome FPS's (especially since Wolfenstein: ET is free!). I used to play a bit of Wolfenstein, but I really sucked at it.

Anyway, very nice replica of the logo.