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Author greenblack
Tags author:greenblack death life tileset unplayable unrated
Created 2009-04-19
Last Modified 2009-04-19
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Description just something i was playing around with.
life, purgatory, death. in that order.

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the trapdoors up the side which block of the door or the trapdoors in the middle which force you to take the thwumps in certain orders
Referring to Aerogel Part 1 it needed trapdoors on the walls otherwise you can jump up through them and my best laid plans to encourage taking certain routes and complex tactical gameplay see my demo on map are for nothing you could just jump up through the one-ways. I could have put mines up the walls to stop this but that looks ugly and is uninventive so put in the trapdoors instead you shouldn't have to use those walls at all to win the level

When you say black thwumps do you mean ones which don't move to get them look in the code normal thwumps have a number 1 to 4 at the end of their code section (between 2 !). If you however mean the colour black thats not possible on that map there are lots of thwumps closely packed together which is what might be giving you that impression.

Code editing is when you directly edit the information (numbers and stuff) generated by ned which you paste in numa outside of ned. You use this to create tele-porters and some glitched objects like fake tiles and drones that don't move aswell as to place objects in position to a very high level of accuracy such as in smooth curves without shakey hands. This can be done by hand going through and changing the digits or by generating code in excel, a code generator or in my (as far as I know unique case) building your own code generation program in something like basic or perl.
can you check out mine