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Author jeffery
Tags author:jeffery hard jeffery possible puzzle rated rocket
Created 2009-04-18
Last Modified 2009-04-18
by 11 people.
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Description Veeeeeeeeeery Hard! Experts only
(yes I can beat it)

heres an edit, its not much, but I may do more shortly

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so I'm going to stick with idiot that plays N
all day every day


wouldn't say he's idiotic... Explotacious.. yes.


see terry? not everyone thinks your idiotic ways

Dispite the fact

that I dislike the map I agree with jeffery.
doesn't mean you should


thats his problem for cheating

you missed the whole level by doing that!
look at romaniac's demo.

i already knew that's why i didn't play the level

what glitch?

its just the rocket flying around

Fastest AGD

Demo Data


what the hell is up with these 4.5's? this map is worth a 2 at the most. the tileset effort is minimal, no aesthetics, very short. All it does is cleverly make use of a glitch...
Demo Data

It's hard

and frustrating. 2.5.


Here's my take of it.
It's a pretty fun challenge.
The first rocket is great, but the second one could have been implemented better.
I'll give this a 4.5 as well.
Demo Data




but weren't you wondering why there was a big empty room at the top?
The way you put out the first rocket amazed meh.
4.5^ Demo is comin.

A rating

would be appreciated


Was easy to discover what 2 do. But when I tryed was other history...

You see?

It IS possible
Demo Data

trust me

it is possible
just very hard

Ill post a demo soon

You cant seem to get the first key to unlock the first door. Impossible maps suck unless their great. People should know what I mean :)


for meh.