The easiest level ever!

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Author jeffery
Tags author:jeffery easy fun funny jeffery joke unrated
Created 2009-04-01
Last Modified 2009-04-01
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Description don't mind the subliminal messages.......

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non cheating method
Demo Data
cause you cant do [ these] by itself or it will not show up
[url=WEBSITE]clickable text here[/url]

do to an image:
[img]the info[/img]

to dobold

[b]the text[/b]

to do underline:
[u]text here[/u]

to do italics:
[i]text here[/i]

to dostrikes
[s]text here[/s]

you owe me that took me so long to type.


What a sad guy jeremy

yes sayko,

do you want a clap for that? or how bout a medal?

non cheating



I AM THE CHAMPION!! I have fastest demo on this page and on n-reality! I am the legend!

Here is my demo (138 frames, wow! ):
Demo Data

Non-cheating way
Demo Data

Faster :P

Demo Data


i live in australia.
Does my english sound good to you?


nice ska
Demo Data

yep, australia?


where you live?

Case in point!

Demo Data
so the joke's on you FOOL!